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Volunteer and make a difference with us!

Work with individual children for an hour or a full morning on a week day at one of our four schools.

Help in a library and help children choose books, cover and collect books and story reading.

Join the Wednesday Angels to repair, cover books, sew bags, wrap gifts, pack teaching aids.

Do community service hours by working with children and assisting with holidays, special events and book wrapping.

Assist at fundraising events, including making sandwiches on special occasions or by supplying second-hand goods or ingredients for food.

Make sandwiches on Mondays.


Do community service hours or volunteer by working with children and assisting with holidays, special events, book wrapping & more.

We will contact you, please fill in your information and submit:

What would you like to be?
When are you available?

Thanks for submitting!


It’s great to be able to give the children who are struggling to keep up in the classroom, a little one in one time to help improve their skills. It’s so rewarding watching them improve throughout the year!


Kerry Zedde Volunteer.jpg

My name is Michelle and I have been a volunteer at Africa's Anchor of Hope at the Natest School for the last two years. My time at the school on a Thursday has bought me so much joy. I love spending time with the children, especially that you help the same child every week and you get to know them and see their excitement when they come to you for a lesson. It’s also very rewarding when you see the improvement towards the end of the year. I look forward to helping again in 2024.


Michelle McIntosh Volunteer.jpg

What I love the most about volunteering for the literacy program at Natest is the feeling of connection and the relationship developed with my student. It is very rewarding to see the progress and the love for books and reading that has grown during the course of the year. It was also heart-warming to attend the volunteer Christmas lunch where the educators and students showed their appreciation for what we do.


Glenda Volunteer.jpg

I am very grateful to be a volunteer, as the joy I receive from a child's reaction to a story is fruit for the soul. 
"Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river" - Virginia Woolf


Colleen Volunteer.jpg

It has been an incredible experience to be one of the volunteers at Clayton primary school (Africa's Anchor of Hope ) to help, to assist and to nurture future leaders in generations to come, It has been an amazing experience for me in building an amazing nation ,I enjoyed seeing and creating little smiles, bringing hope and building confidence, it has been a huge privilege for me to groom future leaders through learning, it also has been a huge responsibility as well for me to take care, to parent, to teach, to protect, to guide and to put a smile in child's face, give the children the chance to experience different cultures, different people from different backgrounds with different expectations, different learning techniques and different writing basics, different learning tools, games, toys and songs while teaching them the art of giving have highly encouraged, motivated and made me so proud. I Am Busisiwe Diko and i thank you.



Have a look at the improvement of the writing from the children we work with.

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